What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline which began practice in Ancient India. It teaches breathing techniques and makes you aware of your body.  It leads us towards effective relaxation and resting, refreshes the body and mind, and brings harmony to those who practice it. Yoga is known for improving health by correcting spine alignment, soothing backaches, and decreasing signs of aging.

Exercise for everyone

It is slow and calm. For many people, life consists of rushing, overworking yourself, and always looking for instant gratification. Yoga’s main focus is to slow down the pace, have a rest, and practice stretching. It also mind and breath connection. You must concentrate on your body—everybody practices yoga at their own level and speed and should never be thought of as a competitive sport. Therefore it is suitable for almost everyone.


6 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

  • It is good for your health. Survey shows that people who do yoga regularly are less sick and heal faster from viruses and diseases. 
  • It reduces stress. Yoga helps to decrease anxiety and brings a calm and relaxing state to your mind.
  • It improves balance, increases flexibility and spine resistance. It's also suitable for those who suffer from muscle pain or shorten muscles.
  • Yoga helps to form your figure. It slenderizes your muscles and strengthens them as well.
  • It encourages a good mood, increases memory, and extends confidence. 
  • Yoga is effective in maintaining a positive mentality.

How Yoga Works

In our class, we focus on harmonizing breathing and motion as well as our internal and external perceptions. Most exercises and poses are practiced with your eyes closed. By performing each exercise slowly, our systematic flow is balanced and our body is strengthened..

We also engage flows of exercises that supporting harmony and lymphatic system. We also emphasis internal breathing to promote stress relief as well as emotional awareness.

Yoga is suitable almost for everyone. Consistency is key in order to get a beneficial effect on your body and mind. Those who practice yoga become resistant and also balanced while managing demanding life situations.   Perceptions become softened. People who do yoga become stable and confident with their physical as well as emotional abilities.