Before I met Daniela a few months ago, I barely knew anything about Yoga. I knew it has something to do with keeping your body in some weird positions, but that was about all I knew. Since then, she introduced me to some basic moves and it suddenly became interesting. I started practicing every day those moves and I must say they really help. And the Dancha's way of teaching it makes it look really fun and engaging. I wouldn't want any other Yoga instructor in Brno. She's my first choice, heck, my ONLY choice. Thank you Daniela for introducing me to the awesome world of Yoga. 
Laurentiu Sarbu

Daniela is a very patient yoga teacher. Before going to her studio, I was nervous to restart practicing yoga but her classes were very inviting, calming, and relaxing. She dedicates her classes to the ability of her students. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Daniela Sterzelova to Czech and English speaking yoga enthusiasts.
K.D. Pettigrew

Daniela is simply an excellent yoga instructor. She is a natural teacher providing just the right amount of support and inspiration to her students. Her lessons balance mindfulness beautifully with fitness leading to an amazing overall sense of wellbeing.
Aron Lazarchik


I was introduced to yoga with Daniela a few years ago. I simply wanted to see why everyone was so interested in yoga. :-) After the first lesson, I liked it so much that I began attending lessons with her regularly for a year. Daniela is an excellent instructor, who is always educating herself  so she can become a master Yogi. Each of her lessons are original. I always leave her classes in a great mood, filled with energy, and feeling stretched. I warmly recommend her.
Lucie Rodanová Mottlová


Yoga with Daniela is perfect because I get to feel relaxed and the stress relief that I need after a whole day of working. 
Leona Synková


I like going to yoga with Daniela because it stretches and relaxes my body. I always have a good sleep after that.
Dominika Synková


I could write many lines about lots of reasons why to start exercise yoga with Daniela. If you want that amazing feeling of stress relief and awareness of your body, I recommend trying one of her lessons. Yoga with Daniela is unique.
Michal Ištok