About me

Since my childhood, I have been attracted by living a spiritual way of life. I have been interested in a variety of esoteric sciences. My wild youth finished with a car accident. Then, I was distanced from “normal life”. I went through many different kinds of rehabilitations and corrections to heal my body.  This included being able to stand on my own legs again and being able to work out like a regular person. After this time, I was introduced to yoga.

It went to a seminar that focused on exercise, meditation, and the philosophy of yoga.  It took place in Croatia by the sea.  I found myself loving what I learned and tried to find a place to learn more about yoga and spirituality near my city, Brno.  After some time, I gave up on my hunt because I couldn't find any suitable classes. I educated myself with the help of literature that was available, and later the Internet.

I tried power yoga, which was spreading through Czech Republic at that time.   I practiced it and was good at it—it helped me feel better.  I kept going to the lessons regularly, but I missed the principles of classical yoga. Although my body was stretched and strengthened, it was not enough.  I lost the interest to continue. I became withdrawn and collected information where it was possible. I didn't practice regularly and my schedule of daily practice stopped. I even began to suffer by getting backaches again, especially in my upper spine. My health deteriorated, and I was back in rehabs for my injuries.

A pivotal point happened right after the birth of my daughter, Romanka. I lost the sensation in my right hand. My friend took me to his friend, a Yogi, who taught me methods on how to treat yourself with yoga. I started going to her lessons regularly. Her classes brought me a relief I needed and realization I expected a time ago. She motivated me with her attitude. Gradually, my state of being was improving, and the sensation of my fingers came back a few years later.

The idea of leading my own yoga sessions came from my friends, including my former Yogi. Their feedback after a few lessons was very encouraging. I spend a lot of time studying yoga and teaching.  That means a lot to me. I love hearing the the positive feedback coming out of my students as well as knowing that I have helped to improve their life, mental well-being, and physical health.

Jóga Brno - Daniela SterzelováJóga Brno - Daniela Sterzelová